TEYANA TAYLOR: "Not a tear from you as we watched your father cry"



Writing exclusively for our issue 002 artist Teyana Taylor pens an intimate letter written to her young daughter encouraging her towards a path of empowerment in the face of adversity.


Dear Bug,

Since your first breath, life has become so much more. Everything makes so much sense now. You are my motivation and you bring the greatness out in me.

You are my heart. I knew at first glance that it was love. As we gazed into each other's eyes and you thanked me for life, all I could think of is how much I should be thanking you. Not a tear from you as we watched your father cry.

As you grow older, you will understand that life is a long road that you cannot travel without having people pointing fingers at you. We live in a world where people have the right to their opinions, however you have the right to refuse them as your truth. People only have as much power as you give them. Remember that.


Be resilient and let the rain of judgments and insults slide down your umbrella of indifference.


Bug, you have the ability to operate at a whole new level of permission for yourself. Never dim your light so that others can handle your brightness.


Refuse to be objectified because of your race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Define your success, not by the words of others, but by the work, efforts, love and faith that you will pour into all of the things that you do.


Embrace diversity in all kinds of people. In a world in which some leaders choose to exploit people's ignorance and create anxiety, reject their claims. Our lack of understanding of others and lack of open mindedness is what promotes division, rejection, hatred, fear and blame.


I promise you a world filled with love and I'm going to give you that. You were worth every kick, every contraction and beauty mark. You are a beautiful distraction from this imperfect world; my beautiful sanctuary.


As you grow carry yourself as a beautiful black queen without limits. I look forward to watching you develop your own grace, wisdom and patience in the essence of God’s perfect timing.


Remember that you can do and achieve anything. As long as you can see it's real, anything is possible.


Mommy loves you June Bug,

always and forever.

Photographer: Eric Guillemain
Creative Production and Casting - Ramata Coulibaly
Stylist - Anna Katsanis  c/o Atelier Management
Make-up – Joseph Carrillo at Kate Ryan INC using MAC
Hair - Lyana Winfled c/o Ken Barboza Associates
Assistant - Damien Carvery
Talent - Teyana Taylor c/o Society Management
Graphic designer - Celine Strolz