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Writing exclusively for the magazine artist Teyana Taylor pens an intimate letter written to her young daughter encouraging her towards a path of empowerment in the face of adversity.


Collaborating with Payam Feili, Gavin Watson and Magdalena Środa Issue 002 aspires to be a stepping stone in the continuing fight to effect social change. Through his photographic works, Gavin Watson explores how the nature of oppression is to point blame and create hatred out of ignorance. Poet Payam Feilli’s journey out of Iran, where he was subjected to dehumanizing tortures based on his sexual orientation, confronts us with the reality that human rights are not respected around the globe. Magdalena Środa challenges women's reproductive rights in Poland in light of the reinstatement of anti abortion laws and the reinforcement of patriarchal attitudes supported by the Catholic church


Each issue is dedicated to a charity fighting for social change and justice in an underprivileged nation.In this issue they are working with SMUG, Sexual Minorities Uganda, a charity dedicated to contest the human rights being denied to the LGBQT+ community in Uganda, where homosexuality is currently outlawed.