FLOFFERZ CREATES provides quality services to businesses looking to visually forge a strong identity and/or looking to cast the world's most prominent talents. Our top management consists of highly experienced and qualified professionals, having years of experiences in their field. Since our debut, the company has provided services to a growing list of highly satisfied clients, a majority of whom are market leaders in their sectors. We’ve casted and produce for clients such as Adidas, H&M, Simons, Vertice London, Etam, Free People, Ecco, Samsung, Vogue Russia, Gooseberry Intimates, Elle Girl.

We provide custom made strategies and services, the results are an enhanced market presence promising to surpass the competition in visual representation of your sector.

Our castings directors closely work with our clients to suggest the ideal talents, as well as arranging and conducting the casting.  We organize and facilitate castings for commercials, editorials, campaigns and fashion shows.

Our creative directors create a vision for the products sold. We plan advertising, oversee the creative process and give guidance.  This involves working closely with our clients to create a vision for the products sold. We understand our clients visions to plan advertising, overseeing the creative process and give guidance..

FLOFFERZ MAGAZINE is a new concept bi-annual visual publication comprised of a community of prestigious creatives worldwide.  Promoting racial diversity, gender equality and raising awareness for international organizations and charities, we seek to educate our generation through thought-provoking artistic content.

Each issue is dedicated to a charity of choice. Our community of young creatives come together to create works of greater meaning. The artworks in each issue are for sale with proceeds dedicated to a charity of choice.

Available for sale in limited edition in both PRINT and full PDF version in our online store.