Flofferz Magazine 

The irresponsibility of youth. Wait, irrepressibility. Yeah. Irrepressibility. We hold these truths to be self evident. That we don’t need no education. We don’t need no self control. All sorts of dark sarcasm in the classroom. The phoenix rises from the ashes. With all the confidence and wonder of the newborn. James Dean. Arthur Rimbaud. Henry Miller. The myth of the artist is alive and well. And we’re drinking down every. single. drop.

+ Time, Confidence, Wonder, Hope, Selflessness, Hunger

- Capriciousness, Yearning, Naiveté, Inexperience, Selfishness


Photographer: Renault Cambuzat
Creative Director: Ramata Coulibaly
Stylist: Aurore Donguy
Hair: Cyril Laforet
Makeup: Annabelle Petit @ASG PARIS Using M.A.C cosmetics
Models: Unia Pakhomova @City models Paris
Connie and Olena N @Premium models Paris
Nicolas O and Francois Durel @Rockmen Paris
Location: Paris, France

Written by: BYRON HAWES