Untitled Protest

Photographed by: Simone Steenberg

Models: Laura Cameron at Models 1 / MarianaVansuit Conte at Next Models

Hair and Make Up: Rebekah Lidstone using MAC Cosmetics and Bumble and Bumble for hair

Location: London


Photographer note: My current work explores the relationship between art, fashion and politics in the context of photographs. By using the act of protest with blank signs I invite the viewer to participate in my artwork - the blank sign also represents our current time of confusion where ideologies are not clear. This project is an influence to take action and create new powerful ideologies for the future. A blank page – a new start – we can shape and create the future, as we want to. The futuristic fashion design in this project is hinting at the concept and mystery of the future; what will we wear? While at the same time I use fashion as a tool to express an attitude.