Photographer: Clara Giaminardi 

Stylist: Roberta Pinna 

Hair Stylist: Marianna Faitos 

Make up Artist: Tracy Grabs using MAC and Thomasina Spender 

Proteus is a performative editorial. Based on Robert Jay Lifton’s theory of the protean self, it explores the expressions and effects of the fluid and multifaceted identity produced by our postmodern society. The name itself comes from the Greek god of water Proteus, a shapeshifter. The editorial mixes frames from the performance shot with a Video8 camera with moments abstracted from that performance and minimalist portraits of the performers. It features pieces from amazing young London designers.

Models: Beth + Patrish @ Profile Model Management 

Tara Lily @ Leni’s Models 

Berta + Jodie @ Bookings Models

Graphic designer : Shane Patrick