Into the world of Gianluca Fellini

Written by: Chelsea Elizabeth Vickers

Graphic design: Peter Tomasek

Into the world of Gianluca Fellini brings much light to what comes out of this man’s mind, his work, and the vibration of his spirit. Coming from a day of exploration at his home in Italy, we discuss the last time we felt the feelings of bliss from within. 


When was the last time you felt eternal bliss?

“I think it was this morning, when I was trampolining, doing flips and feeling that unity, it is incredible like hanging in space”


As an artist Gianluca’s life’s work is on directing and creating art, films and photography. His recent one man show was featured in collaboration with Obylon in Barcelona last year. Having worked commercially for quite some time, he is now taking the time for himself to explore his spirituality and new mediums in which to express himself.


What are you working on now?

“I am experimenting with tattoos.”


Why, what inspired you to this new art form?

“Well, I started learning about shamanism and how your body is your temple, and how archetypal symbols of have power to them. Tattooing is a part of many cultures and means many things like healing, protection or social declaration.”


And the tattoos that you have? What do they signify for you? 

“I got this one tattoo on my ankle meaning friendship which is very important to me. Funny thing is, a month after getting it I ended up sleeping with my best friend’s girlfriend.”


Do you mind if I write about this?

“Not at all, it determined a huge change in my life. In fact, it is what inspired me to move to New York. What I thought was something so strong and secure in my life - the concept of friendship - had been wiped out with my animal instinct. But what became the most horrible time of my life brought a huge change in my self and showed me new ways to become who I am today.”


What happens to your thoughts when you are creating?

“I just let it happen. At first, I was shooting everything, 100s of photos every day to develop my technical skills - that is how you get good at it. The more I shoot the easier it becomes, and then I let go and let the photos just come.”


When you first started out you were in New York, how was it living there as a photographer?

“New York has a certain drive to it, the energy of the city, there is so much to do and see. Then once experiences begin to repeat themselves, I know it was time to leave.” 


How did you find that high-energy urban setting?

“Sometimes I walk with very slow music on my headphones to reconnect to my own pace. I had to find my strength, a way to refresh my energy and to not always play the game.”


What do you mean?

“It is more like, reminding myself that I don’t need to ‘be’ anything, but if I have something to say, I have to work.”


Does your work define you?

“My work feeds my soul, it consumes my soul. You have to work to live, but also, to take rest and optimize your system.”


Your work has this tendency to get in very close and use a lot of darkness in it, it truly defines the senses, why do you think that is?

“There is something about the love of detail and darkness. My dad was into macro photography which influenced me greatly. I have found that anything up close can look like something interesting even when it is very small. Darkness is similar to a vacuum, it has more energy and strength. It holds the infinite in information. 


Gianluca is currently working on his next prints called “Totem” that will be in New York this 2015.