Launch party

An infection, a source for pain, a disease that kills the body, very quickly or very slowly, without cure, without reason. It separates us from the life within our bodies, and focusses on deterioration and death. Sickness free from judgement. It does not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, or prejudice - yet separates and denies many of us from the ability to fully heal. We are the problem, and, yet, we are always the solution.

Never never land. Escape; dream of a place where you never grow up or get old. In a land of images that define and change you. Flip through the pages of “Neverland” to see elaborate, skewed fantasies and visions of escape.

The raison d’être for this narrative is for your imagination to embrace the collective meaning of eternal youth. The visuals and words in “Neverland” creatively liberate from a totalitarian mindset/system.

This first issue is dedicated to the fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Just as illness passes through the body without prejudice, our art seeks to inspire through (or despite) the painful human condition. The nemesis of incurable diseases can, without question, be prevented to the point of extinction.

Within the Flofferz community, we have recently been inextricably touched by these illnesses, and now we seek to elaborate on the brutality of the world by analyzing different perspectives germane to this issue. Coming together as artists, we dedicate ourselves to push beyond societal barriers through our creative works. Our collective mission is to align with charitable causes that see beyond stigma, race, or gender.

Each issue is dedicated to a cause for which we raise funds to help gain awareness. Donations are being accepted to keep our community growing at www.flofferz.com/donations.

Creativity made the pages of “Neverland”, and we are it’s Darling children. In experiencing this issue, as entrancing as this new territory may be - be wary - it is ridden with brutal honesty. The envisionment of eternal youth within our content is not flawed, but different than what one would expect, when leaning towards the forever of never Neverland. 

Photographed by: HANNAH SIDER