Flofferz Magazine 

A tale of others leading by example. Messages of socialization to obtain a ritualistic standard in practice. The stories woven these days all have agendas. Narrative implications lost amongst a sea of shiny provocations. The totalitarianism of decaying thought. If Neverland is a place for lost boys, and we all a génération perdue, then where do you think we live? Lick the flames, and taste the moral.

+ A Game, A Story, A Moral, A Legend, Narration

- Offensive, Ill-doing, Mystery


Johann Selles
“The devil is in the details, but God is in the picture”
Neverland, 2015 Photography
Artist’s studio,  Malmö, Sweden
Galerie Olivier Robert. Paris, France
Location: Malmö, Sweden

Written by: BYRON HAWES