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lilly robert


Pursuit of happiness, meaning of life, endless search of the existential purpose, the modern man is a constant nomad. To turn, to give up, to go away, to leave: any form of physical movement aims to improve psychological state, to relieve pain, while re adjusting the lives that prevent us to live subjectively happily. True or false?

To look elsewhere to find comfort, harmony and peace. Drop everything to start from scratch. Life is better, where we are not, as states a proverb. Convulsions of anxiety or lethargy of boredom? "When one has no account in the world, it is found in another," - wrote Voltaire in "Candide ou l’optimisme".

Or optimism, indeed. The quote is easy to criticize, you must be optimistic to believe it, because our ever-changing environment has absolutely no relation to the own happiness and integrity. The discovery of a new environment is exciting and dangerous to a point where we forget the rest, the primal instincts prevail on our cognitive questions. We lose all of our bearings, leaving us to feel vulnerable at the same time that we discover what has been hiding until now within the privacy of our consciousness. A kind of reflex that dominates our predetermined achievements conditioned by our lives as a form of permanent lie.

Certainly, this sentiment, this feeling of finally being able to breath again, to move forward, as though you are being born again is very powerful. Followed by some time after, independently from our own being, we begin to realize that everything is the same in this world initially better. And it is necessary to move forward again to rediscover the feeling of "unbearable lightness of being".

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